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Our Culture

What is the culture of Union Pacific? For one thing, we don't stand still. We're always advancing our service, our safety, our technology and the careers of our employees. You see, we take continuous improvement seriously, and everyone here has the tools to make it a real part of everything they do.

Here are some of the principles that guide us down the line:

  • Vision: We have a clear understanding of where we’re going and how to get there.
  • Commitment: We work hard to make good decisions and to do the right thing.
  • Communication: We communicate expectations so that our people have a clear understanding of what's ahead and their role in creating success. That means sharing information frequently and listening to what others have to say.
  • Teamwork: We understand that we are all part of the same team. We work together to reach common goals, improve safety and increase customer satisfaction. We appreciate each other.
  • Respect: We treat one another with respect and value diversity. We maintain the highest ethical standards, corporate citizenship and commitment to safety.

The UP Way

Continuous improvement is the foundation of The UP Way, and it:

  • Supports our mission, Dedicated to Serve, and our values – performance, high ethics and teamwork
  • Is tied to our Leadership Attributes of vision, commitment, communication, teamwork and respect
  • Directly relates to Operating's Six Critical Initiatives: Resource Readiness, Reduce Variability, Leveraging Technology, Capital Effectiveness, Standard Work and Employee Engagement


Safety is very important at UP – from the safety of our train crews to the safety of everyone who drives or walks across a train crossing. We're always looking for innovative approaches to enhance the safety and security of our people, our communities and our customers.

Diversity & Inclusion

We make sure our workforce represents the country that we serve. That's one reason we have several Employee Resource Groups across the company. They allow the diverse experiences, capabilities and viewpoints of all employees at all levels to be a part of our success. We are committed to providing a work environment free from offensive behavior directed at a person's race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or disability. That includes behavior toward other employees, customers, visitors to company facilities, and anyone employees come in contact with during the normal course of work or while representing the company.


AERO - Asian Employee Resource Organization
We started the Asian Employee Resource Organization in 2012 with a mission to recruit, retain and advance Asian employees to positions inside our organization. We also hope to build awareness and engagement around the rich and diverse Asian culture within the company as well as the community.
UP.jobs BEN Logo

BEN - Black Employee Network

With over 800 members, the mission of BEN is to increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of African-American employees within Union Pacific, by promoting and facilitating personal and professional growth, and working with UP senior leadership on diversity issues. BEN also provides scholarships, encourages post-secondary education for high school graduates, and supports local African-American communities.

UP.jobs BRIDGES Logo

Established in 2013, BRIDGES works to attract, retain and develop the careers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees at Union Pacific. The vision is to foster inclusion and acceptance of employees who identify as LGBT, as well as allies. BRIDGES events, networking, and education initiatives increase awareness and understanding regarding LGBT issues. Through training, coaching, and mentoring BRIDGES develops employees and creates leaders.
UP.jobs CONAH Logo

CONAH - Council On Native American Heritage

Beginning in 2006, a group of employees with Native American heritage or an interest in the Native American culture, came together to celebrate the history and contributions of the people indigenous to North America. In 2006, they became the railroad's fifth Employee Resource Group (ERG). CONAH's mission is to assist Union Pacific with the recruitment, retention and development of employees with Native American heritage and to build bridges to the Native American community. CONAH plans programming in celebration of their heritage to coincide with the national dates of celebration (November), and has built bridges with local and state entities who have special initiatives addressing the needs and concerns of the Native American people.

UP.jobs LEAD Logo

LEAD - A Women's Initiative – Lead Educate Achieve and Develop
The LEAD Mission is to foster an environment that increases opportunities for women to be recruited, retained and advanced as Union Pacific leaders; to make a difference through professional programming, personal development, mentoring and community involvement." Ensuring professional developmental opportunities are available to women, throughout the year LEAD members plan other educational programs on job performance, investments, environmental stewardship and networking.
UP.jobs LEN Logo

LEN - Latino Employee Network

The Latino Employee Network was established to serve as a liaison with management to promote a better understanding of the issues and concerns among Latino employees. Similar to other culturally defined Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), LEN also endeavors to ensure the full integration of Latinos into the workplace through partnering with the company on recruitment, development and retention initiatives. LEN also has established strong partnerships with Omaha's Hispanic community through its many social and cultural projects. Founded in 2004, LEN now has over ten fully functioning field chapters including Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. 

UP.jobs UP TIES Logo

UP TIES - Young professional network

This ERG works with the company to ensure that Union Pacific connects, develops, and empowers young professionals. This effort is seen as critical to the future success of the railroad. Membership in UP Ties promotes understanding of the railroad, heightens inter-departmental knowledge and networks, develops members professionally and personally, engages in philanthropic activities, and provides UP another "face" in the Omaha community.

UP.jobs UP VETS Logo

UP VETS - Veterans Network

At Union Pacific, we have an active military-support initiative for both deployed and returning-to- work employees called UPVETS, designed to help attract, develop and retain veteran employees. For our efforts, we’ve been recognized by the National Chamber Foundation as well as named to G.I. Jobs’ 2012 Military Friendly Employers list. 

Healthy Workforce

Real benefits don't just help you pay your doctor's bill. They keep the doctor away.

At Union Pacific, our interest in your health goes far beyond keeping track of your sick days. We encourage you to make healthy decisions every day, at every stage of your life.

That's why we offer assessments and resources, incentives for making good choices and regular events to focus on health. We offer programs throughout the company to help you sleep better, quit smoking and manage stress. You will learn ways to reduce your personal risk for these problems. Also, our employees who work outside of Omaha have access to a wide company-paid network of fitness centers.

Learn more about these and our other world-class benefits.


We're also actively involved in the community through our support of the United Way, JDRF, Big Brothers, the Pancreas Cancer Prevention Walk and the Heart Walk. You can learn more about our involvement in the community at the UP Foundation.


As a FORTUNE 150 company, we take pride in achieving our success by being an ethical organization. As a company and as individuals, we strive to always do the right thing.

  • We obey laws, regulations and our own company policies.
  • We protect the safety of our fellow employees, the public and the environment.
  • We keep accurate records and truthfully report all financial information.
  • We treat people with respect. We act professionally at work.
  • We protect the confidential records of our fellow employees, our company and our customers.
  • We protect the railroad and our personal reputations by acting with integrity—by never accepting bribes or improper gifts.


We're always working on ways to increase fuel efficiency, reduce energy consumption and recycle used materials – keeping our communities clean. On a single gallon of diesel fuel, we can carry as much freight as 300 trucks on the highway and move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles. We passionately commit ourselves to the environment – while operating ethically and with proper oversight.

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