Wellness Programs

We understand that every step taken on the path of wellness leads to a richer, fuller life. That's why we fully support and encourage employees and their families to take charge of their health and well-being. Our wellness programs are recognized nationally, making us one of the healthiest employers in the nation. Wellness programs are available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees.

WebMD Live More Portal and Wellness Assessment

The Union Pacific WebMD Live More portal is a voluntary, confidential and free online tool available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees and nonagreement spouses. Inside the portal, the Wellness Assessment helps employees better understand the key factors that affect overall well-being and set goals to achieve better health.

Health Coach

If you want to improve your health through lifestyle changes, you may participate in a free Health Coaching Program through the Wellness Portal Counseling. Counseling is confidential and administered telephonically but is also available via online instant messaging and email or by phone. This benefit is available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees.

System Health Facility Program (SHF)

We contract with over 8,000 fitness centers nationwide to help promote a healthy lifestyle for active employees.- ensuring you can stay healthy, even when you are on the road. This benefit is available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Tobacco Cessation programs are available options are available through the Wellness Portal and through the national plan insurance providers.

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