Wellness Programs

We understand that every step taken on the path of wellness leads to a richer, fuller life. That's why we fully support and encourage employees and their families to take charge of their health and well-being. Our wellness programs are recognized nationally, making us one of the healthiest employers in the nation. Wellness programs are available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees.

Virgin Pulse

Whether you want to earn incentives, lose weight, feel energized, or live healthier than ever, Virgin Pulse can help you get there!
The program is available to all active nonagreement, full-time salaried, reduced salaried or full-time hourly person (other than any person classified as a co-op, or intern) employed by Union Pacific. Independent contractors or any other person not treated as an employee are not eligible. Nonagreement employees who choose to participate in the wellness program will earn an incentive, up to a maximum of $600, payable in Virgin Pulse Dollars, for completing the activities during the year. 

System Health Facility Program (SHF)

Union Pacific is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for active employees by providing a System Health Facility Program (SHF) involving local fitness centers and gyms. Union Pacific contracts with numerous fitness centers nationwide. Fitness centers and gyms are chosen because of close proximity to work locations where there are critical masses of employees and in areas where it is practical and economically feasible to serve the greatest number of employees. Employees who work in Union Pacific Center (UPC) are expected to use the Omaha Health and Fitness Center, but may use the SHF network while traveling. 

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