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Life & Family

We know how important family can be, and how important it is to be a part of your community. That's why we offer such robust adoption, child care and long-term care programs, as well as generous giving programs.

Adoption Assistance
Our Adoption Assistance Program reimburses eligible employees for certain expenses incurred in the adoption of a child per child adopted. This benefit is available to non-union (nonagreement) employees.

Child Care/Care Support Services
In the Omaha area, we offer a Child Development Center.

We also recognize employees may need help at home to support work schedules required to run the railroad’s around-the-clock operations. The Bright Horizons Care Advantage™ resource provides employees with access to one of the largest online caregiver databases. Featured services supporting better work-life balance include:

  • Center-Based Child Care
  • Pet Care
  • Babysitters and Nannies
  • Elder Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Tutoring and Homework Help

Maternity Leave

Non-union (non-agreement) employee "birth mothers" will receive six weeks of paid leave in addition to short-term disability six-week benefit for normal delivery or eight-week benefit for cesarean section delivery. Birth mothers with less than three months of service, not meeting short-term disability eligibility requirements, will receive the enhanced six-week paid maternity leave.

Milk Stork

Union Pacific offers a service for pumping and shipping or toting of breast milk for our traveling agreement and nonagreement moms. Milk Stork is the first and only breast milk delivery service for business traveling moms, providing no-fuss, refrigerated, express shipping or easy toting of breast milk home to baby.  

Parental Leave

Non-union (non-agreement) employees not receiving Maternity leave may take Parental leave. Parental leave is a paid leave of up to 4 weeks to actively bond with a child following (1) the birth of an employee’s own child or (2) the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption or foster care.


To support your involvement in the community, we offer two programs to enhance employee giving.

  • MoneyPLUS Program – Supports and extends employee financial contributions to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities.
  • TimePLUS Program – Employees who volunteer their individual time may apply for a $250 gift from the company to support the public charity they assist.

These programs are available to both union (agreement) and non-union (nonagreement) employees.

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