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UP Family (Subsidiaries)

The Union Pacific Family consists of many companies around the country. Explore career opportunities within our family below.

Alton & Southern Railway

Operating out of the St. Louis area, Alton & Southern Railway operates as a switching railroad, connecting and directing freight from all over the United States to various strategic destination points.

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Insight Network Logistics (INL)

Formed in 2001, INL combines in-depth supply-chain expertise with innovative network-management and inventory-control technologies, to help customers optimize logistics performance at every level. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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PS Technology (PST)

PST is an enterprise management solutions provider specializing in crew management, timekeeping, simulation, equipment management, and HR/safety solutions. We're headquartered in Boulder, Colo.

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Ship Cars Now

Ship Cars Now offers reliable, nationwide auto transport service, providing new and used car shippers with a robust and responsive auto transport network to handle both local and long distance auto shipments.

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At Streamline, we enable a broad cross-section of customers to utilize efficient and competitive door-to-door service. We provide a seamless way to move freight across America.

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Since 1987, Transentric has created and provided messaging solutions and business-to-business applications to transportation operations and inter-enterprise supply chains.

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Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS)

Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS) provides seamless door-to-door transportation products by combining the economies of long-haul rail service with the flexibility of over the road movements.

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