Yvette Butler

“I build communities.”

What will you build?


As a Fortune 150 company with over 4,500 employees in our headquarters building, we can offer you an exciting career no matter your background or specialty. The people who work in our offices are as important to our railroad as the people who work in our trains and on our tracks.

Corporate Relations/Communications/Public Affairs

As the voice of Union Pacific, you will work to develop communications plans, plan corporate events, and implement Union Pacific strategy and policy for state and local government affairs, community relations, public partnerships, and philanthropic programs.

Finance & Accounting

With responsibility for billions of dollars in annual revenue, our Finance department offers careers managing, protecting and growing Union Pacific's assets.

Human Resources

You'll help us find, attract, hire and retain the best people in the business. In addition, we implement and coordinate Health and Medical activities including medical case management, regulatory compliance, and preventive health.

Information Technologies

Technology is at the core of everything we do and our computer systems are as extensive as our rail system. There are hardware and software opportunities in development, operations, security, systems engineering and telecommunications.

Labor Relations

You'll be part of a team that negotiates, interprets and administers labor contracts throughout the different crafts throughout our organization.


Our legal team includes a large group of in-house lawyers, law clerks and a comprehensive claims department.

Marketing & Sales

As the main contact with customers, you'll be part of a team responsible for understanding client needs and matching those requirements with Union Pacific product offerings.


Centralized operations at Union Pacific Center (UPC) provide overall strategic direction and support to field operations.


You'll acquire everything from locomotives to desk chairs, and use the latest supply-chain processes, information systems and transportation logistics to manage numerous warehouses and more than $500 million in inventory.

Harriman Dispatching Center

The HDC is an exceptional railroad opportunity with significant growth potential. Union Pacific operates a dynamic 24/7/365 operation focused on safety and customer service and the HDC is at the core of this operation.