Sandy Suver

“I build growth.”

What will you build?

Operations Management Training Program

Our Operations Management Training program needs critical thinkers with strong analytical and communication skills who have the confidence to lead a diverse crew of people. This is an exceptional first-line field management opportunity with significant growth potential.

Working in Operations isn't a typical 8-to-5, Monday through Friday job. You will work outdoors, with your hands, solving tangible problems.

Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager (Structures or Signal) in the OMT program, you'll gain experience in transportation and engineering operations. Upon completion of the training program, you will be assigned to a work location where you'll direct the safe building and maintenance of track, signals, structures, bridges and tunnels.

Mechanical or Electrical Manager

As a Mechanical or Electrical Manager, you'll learn about our mechanical operations, while developing first-line management skills. You'll direct safe inspection, maintenance and repair activities on freight cars or locomotives. If you have a mechanical or electrical engineering degree, we encourage you to explore this exciting opportunity.

Transportation Manager

As a Transportation Manager, you'll supervise unionized work crews and manage the safe on-time transportation operations at a major terminal in our system. Upon completion of the comprehensive training program, you'll be assigned to a work location where you will lead employees in transportation plan executions.