Wounded Warrior Check Donation

Union Pacific is extremely proud of the dedication and service of its veteran employees. As a result, UP is participating in the Vow to Hire Heroes Act tax credit program. This program gives UP a federal tax credit for hiring certain veterans.

In recognition of your service and to help other veterans, UP will donate one-half of the net value of any credits it receives to the Wounded Warrior Project. Since you have identified yourself as a veteran, within the next 48 hours, please complete, sign, and date the following forms: Form 8850 and ETA Form 9061 (PDF File).

It is a time-sensitive process. Please answer all questions. After signing and dating the forms, please return them to the UP Tax Department via fax at (402) 271-3096 or e-mail to vetcredit@up.com. Thank you for serving our country and working with UP to help other veterans.

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