Brian Beverland

“I build communities.”

What will you build?

Harriman Dispatching Center

Are you an exceptional communicator who thrives in challenging situations and does well under pressure? We need leaders with critical thinking skills to join the "rail traffic control center" of the railroad as Train Dispatchers in the Harriman Dispatching Center (HDC).

Apprentice Train Dispatcher

As an Apprentice Train Dispatcher or Train Dispatcher Trainee, you will be responsible for the coordination and management of safe and efficient train operations.

What is the HDC?

Entrance of the Harriman Dispatching Center

Headquartered in Omaha, NE, the HDC is the central nervous system of the railroad where we manage locomotives, crews and dispatch trains for the entire Union Pacific network. The most important responsibility of the HDC is protecting the safety of our employees and the public.

Constructed originally in 1891 as a freight house for Union Pacific, the HDC now houses 900 employees working around the clock. The facility is impressive and due to the safety-sensitive information that is shared on our 32,000 mile network, building has restricted-access, is guarded and built to withstand the most extreme forces of nature.

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