Manage Account / Technical Difficulties

1. Reset my password:

  • You can reset your own password from our home page by clicking on "Careers Sign Up/Login" and then clicking  "Forgot Password". Enter the e-mail address currently associated to your account and click “Send Recovery Email”  
  • Look for an e-mail from UP JOBS with a link to reset your password. Check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive the e-mail within 10 minutes. The reset link expires after 24 hours. If the link expires, request a new reset link following the same instructions.

2. Update my e-mail address:

  • If you have access to the e-mail address currently associated to your account:

1. Log in and navigate to "My Account".

2. Click on the pencil icon for the "Contact Information" section.

3. Click the edit button for your e-mail.

4. Enter the new e-mail address you would like associated to your account.

  • If you no longer have access to the e-mail address currently associated to your account and you do not remember the password and were unable to use the Recovery Questions, submit a ticket for assistance here.

3. Cannot remember which e-mail was used:

  • If you have previously applied with Union Pacific, you have an account on  Search for your previous account using our "forgot e-mail" functionality. If after various searches you cannot locate your account, please submit a ticket for assistance here

4. Internal only postings:

  • Employees must validate their account to see internal-only postings. To validate your account, first ensure no other employee is logged into the device you are using. Close all internet browser windows and start with a new session. Go to and log in with your credentials. Navigate to "My Account" and click on the button “I am a current employee.” Enter in your TCS user ID and password.  

5. Uploading documents to my application:

For submitted applications

  • If you have already submitted your application, additional documentation cannot be uploaded. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be changed or updated. If invited to an interview, you can tell the hiring team member of any changes at that time or ensure that any changes are updated on future applications.

Applications not yet submitted

  • Supporting documentation such as a resume, cover letter, work sample, etc. can be uploaded to your application in the "Document Upload" section. Documents must be in PDF format, in portrait orientation, and no larger than 10 MB. Documents should be reviewed after upload before proceeding to the next part of your application. 


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