Support Resources

Human Resources (HR) Service Center

As the premier human resources support solution, Union Pacific employees can count on the HR Service Center to provide consultation, education and solutions to help them understand the personnel services available to them and how to best utilize them to improve their lives.

Representatives may be reached by calling 877-275-8747 (ASK-UPHR), and are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., CT, Monday through Friday.


Union Pacific has partnered with ConsumerMedical™ "Your GPS for Healthcare"™ to provide a benefit to help nonagreement employees obtain trusted, current and personalized information and support. This valuable service provides research, available treatment options and things to consider for any medical diagnosis or health topic. ConsumerMedical™ helps nonagreement employees navigate the complex healthcare system and equips them to have more useful discussions with their doctor.