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What do we mean by stability? For starters, we've weathered every economic up and down in the last 155 years. Railroads are essential to the overall economy. And, because we work with so many diverse customers, if one segment of the business world is down, or one region of the country is slumping, we have customers in another that's thriving. We're there to fuel the success and help power their growth.

Our business teams are aligned to serve the needs of our customer's dynamic markets:

  • Bulk: Coal, fertilizer, fresh and frozen food and grain.
  • Industrial:  Construction products, industrial chemicals, forest products, metals, petroleum and plastics.
  • Premium:  Finished vehicles and automotive parts.

Union Pacific is the leading rail provider to and from the U.S./Mexico border and the only railroad to serve all six major gateways.

Stability also means we're always looking forward. That's why over the last 10 years, Union Pacific invested $34.5 billion into our network and operations. This includes building the nation's infrastructure and enhancing our ability to provide safe, reliable, fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible freight transportation.

That's what stability means. And that's what it means to be a part of Union Pacific.

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