Tanin Arkfeld

“I build tomorrows.”

What will you build?

The purpose of the Skilled Craft Battery Test is to determine your knowledge and familiarity with common scenarios you will encounter for the job you are applying for. This is a combination of reasoning, problem solving and technical knowledge.

Your answers to the questions in this test should be based only on the passages provided. You should not rely on your knowledge of railroading when answering these questions. Be sure to choose the single best answer for each question.

Please click on the job title you are applying for to see the practice questions.

Apprentice Diesel Electrician

Apprentice Diesel Mechanic

Apprentice Freight Car Repairer

Apprentice Work Equipment Mechanic

Assistant Signalman



Coach Cleaner

Diesel Electrician

Diesel Mechanic

Electronic Technician

Installation Technician

Mechanical Service Operator

Mechanical Service Operator (Locomotive)

Shop Technician

Signal Maintainer


Work Equipment Mechanic

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