Our People

Tyson Moeller, Director - Market Development and Sales Center

"My team and I act as the quarterbacks for our customers."

Office: Omaha

Education: University of Nebraska – Lincoln; B.S. Human Resources Management, Marketing and Communications

Joined union Pacific in 1995

My team and I do more than account management—we help our customer—as well as our business. I was a sales rep in my previous position at Union Pacific, and I had the chance to work with several different industries, like lumber, hazardous waste, steel, cement and others. I’ve since been promoted to a Director and it feels good to know I play a pretty big role in building our business. I’ve helped keep the company on the top of its game—making contacts happen, discovering new markets and helping Union Pacific compete in the global marketplace. I believe it’s not just about the bottom line, but about the people around me—my extended family here at Union Pacific.