Our People

Jesse U. Miller, Manager, Marketing and Sales Training

"The best part is once you're hired, it doesn't stop there."

Office: Omaha

Military Branch: Army Reserves

Joined Union Pacific in 2006

Union Pacific is a good company regardless of your status as a veteran, but when you compound your service experience with the opportunity of working with a Fortune 200 company, the opportunities and benefits speak for themselves. As a veteran you have a specific employee resource group (UPVETS) with the charge to not only recruit and retain quality veterans, but to assist with the transition from a military to a civilian lifestyle. Given the safety culture at Union Pacific, many of the processes and procedures commonplace on the railroad will resonate with members of the armed forces. The best part is once you're hired, it doesn't stop there. From the patriotic atmosphere our corporate culture embraces, to the various internal policies meant to ensure that members of the military are supported if they choose to continue their service on a reserve or National Guard level, Union Pacific has made it a standard to support the troops.