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Transitioning Veterans

You've got proven leadership skills, early career management skills, adaptability, comfort with working in challenging environments and a performance-oriented work ethic. You're the perfect fit for us and here is why we are the perfect fit for you.

We've helped thousands of servicemen and servicewomen make the transition to civilian life and we can help you as well. Today, over 20 percent of our company's employees have military experience, with some still active in the National Guard or Reserves.

Our recruiters are connected with most military transition and education offices, actively participate in career fairs, information sessions and employer panels and serve on local military committees and boards.

Check us out at an upcoming military event.

Supporting the Wounded Warriors Project

Union Pacific has donated over $200,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project from one-time tax credits the company earned for hiring veterans meeting various government criteria and plans to do the same with the 2015 credits. The company chose to donate tax credit funds in appreciation of its military and veteran employees, and all the country's service men and women.

Military Transition Event

Recognizing there are thousands of veterans each month transitioning from active duty, Union Pacific organized and hosted its first military transition event in San Antonio, Texas. The event educated top military talent on how to make a successful and smooth transition to the corporate world, while also highlighting some specific career opportunities at Union Pacific.

We recognized that veterans often encounter challenges associated with different terminology, work environments and hiring processes as they transition into civilian jobs.

However, because of veterans’ familiarity with safety-focused operations, large equipment and nontraditional work environments, they make ideal candidates for many railroad jobs.

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