Guidelines for Interns & Coops

This document is intended to summarize certain features of Union Pacific’s Intern/Co-op guidelines. It is not intended to serve as a complete overview of the guidelines. In the event of any confusion between information in this document and the formal guidelines, the formal guidelines will govern.


Interns/Co-ops are expected to be at their work station at their scheduled starting time and to return from their lunch periods no later than the allocated time.

If it becomes necessary for an Intern/Co-op to be absent from work for any reason, including personal illness, the supervisor must be notified as soon as possible, but no later than within the first half-hour of the starting time on the first day of the absence.

Absence Due to Inclement Weather

Interns/Co-ops are expected to make an effort to come to work. Should bad weather start while at work, unless the decision is made by Senior Management to leave early, everyone is expected to work the entire day.


Please refer to your offer letter for details on your housing eligibility.

Summer Interns who do not have immediate family to live with or their own apartment/residence within 30 miles from the headquarters building may be eligible for the following benefits centrally managed and funded by Human Resources:

Co-op housing with be handled by the department on a case by case basis.

Interns whose parent, guardian or their own residence is more than 30 miles from the headquarters building may also be eligible for a relocation allowance/other incidental allowance.

Interns and Co-ops are eligible to participate in the Transportation Spending Account (TSA) Program to put aside pre-tax dollars to pay for expenses related to commuting, such as parking fees, meter fees, bus passes and cycling expenses. More information will be provided during orientation.

Service as an Intern or Co-op is counted as both vesting service and credited service under the UP Pension Plan. Should an Intern/Co-op become a full-time employee of Union Pacific, service as an Intern or Co-op will count towards Service Awards under the Service Awards Program. Time worked as an Intern/Co-op does not count toward vacation eligibility.

Bereavement Leave

The Company’s paid bereavement leave policy does not apply to Interns/Co-ops. However, management will work with the Intern/Co-op on an individualized basis regarding days required away from work.

Community Service

Year-round Interns will not be compensated for community services not directly related to Company and/or department-sponsored events. Activities that fall within this area are volunteer activities such as mentoring, Employee Resource Group (ERG) activities outside of normal work hours (i.e., golf outings), etc.

Company and/or Department Sponsored Events

Year-round Interns will be compensated on an hourly basis for participation in Company and/or department-sponsored events as long as the activity: Activities that fall within these requirements include:

Jury Duty

Interns/Co-ops will not be paid by Union Pacific for time served on jury duty. However, management will allow time away from work for the Intern/Co-op to fulfill his/her jury duty obligation.

Dress Code

The dress code for all business days, including Fridays, is "business casual." Business casual means employees have the option to decide how they prefer to dress while using good taste and judgment and maintaining a professional appearance. Any employee who has business to conduct with persons from outside the Company should dress appropriately for the meeting. At all times, all employees are expected to dress in a neat, clean, and professional manner.

NOTE: The following dress code attire is intended for Interns/Coops typically working in an office/business environment. It is the supervisor's responsibility to adivse Interns/Coops assigned to off-site field locations of the appropriate dress code.

The purpose of the Business Casual Dress Code Policy is to provide guidelines for appropriate attire for all employees of the Company.

Unacceptable Attire:The following are guidlines regarding what is not acceptable under the Business Casual Dress Code Policy: Acceptable Attire:

Education, Training & Development

Interns/Co-ops are required to complete all mandatory training specified by the Company (i.e., EEO, Ethics, etc.). All Interns/Co-ops are also encouraged to take advantage of additional training provided by the company.

Employment Taxes

Railroad employees, including Interns and Co-ops, and employers pay a Tier I Railroad Retirement tax which, although different than Social Security tax, applies the same rate of tax as Social Security. Employees, including Interns and Coops, and employers also pay a Tier II Railroad Retirement tax which funds retirement benefits in excess of benefits provided under Social Security.

Interns/Co-ops are also subject to federal and state income tax withholdings.

NOTE: Interns working for Corporate Audit or Transentric are covered by Social Security and are not subject to Railroad Retirement taxes.

Expense Reimbursement

Interns/Co-ops will be reimbursed for necessary business expenses incurred while in the employment of Union Pacific. You will be governed by the Company’s Business & Travel Policy. More information will be provided during orientation.


Interns/Co-ops will observe the same holiday schedule as full-time employees.

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