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Referrals are character referrals. Referrals are active for one year and automatically apply to all applications submitted. If you want to solicit an employee referral, just provide the Union Pacific employee’s first and last name and their Union Pacific email address when filling out your online application.

 1. How can I request an employee referral?

  • Candidates may request a referral through the application process. When the application is submitted, an email is sent to the employee requesting a referral to be submitted with a referral link.

 2. How can I request an employee referral after I have applied?

  • Contact the Union Pacific employee and ask them to submit a referral on your behalf. Refer to question 4, "How do I submit an employee referral?" for more information for the employee.

 3. Will I be notified when the employee submits the referral?

  • Due to privacy policies, you will not be notified if a referral was submitted on your behalf.

 4. How do I submit an employee referral?

  • Access the employee website at, click on Employees and then click on Employees Site. Search for “Union Pacific Employee Referral” in the search bar and then open the referral form or visit the referral form. Be sure the information you are entering matches the information the candidate will use to submit their application.

 5. I am referring or being asked to refer someone I met while recruiting, but do not personally know. For example, I handed a recruiting card to a rideshare driver who was looking for a new opportunity. How should I complete the Referral Assessment for this person?

  • Employees who have received a referral request for someone they met while recruiting are encouraged to submit a neutral referral assessment, along with the comment indicating they met this individual while recruiting on behalf of Union Pacific.

 6. Can I inactivate a referral I have submitted?

  • Active referrals can be inactivated by searching for the term “referral” from the UP employee website. Go to, click on Employees and then Employees Site. In the search bar, enter keyword “referral” to search. When the results appear, click on “Union Pacific Employee Referral” program. From there, click on “Referral Form” from the left menu. Once you have the referral form open, from the top menu, click on “Recruiting Tools” and then on “Manage My Referrals.” Follow the instructions on how to inactivate a referral.

 7. If I am an Union Pacific employee on leave, can I submit a referral? 

  • Employees on a leave of absence, or leave with pay, or in an off work status, may submit a referral in the system. The system requires an active TCS user ID and password. If your TCS user ID was deactivated when you went on leave, you can obtain a temporary TCS user ID and password by contacting OSS at 402-544-5555.

 8. Can I see the status of the candidate I referred?

  • Details on the status of a candidate's applications during the hiring process cannot be provided due to privacy policies; however, you can see if the candidate is hired at the Employee Referral Dashboard.

 9. When will I see payment for my employee referral?

  • Off cycle deposits will be made within 30 days following the new employee's 30th day of employment.

 10. It's been 30 days since the employee I referred reached their 30th day of employment and I haven't received payment, what should I do?

  • Submit a ticket to Workforce Resources here.

 11. How will I receive the $1,000 payment? Is the $1,000 payment taxed?

  • All payments will be via direct deposit on file in SAP My Profile. The payment is grossed to cover for taxes.

 12. Are retirees, interns, and contractors able to make employee referrals?

  • At this time, full-time employees and interns of Union Pacific are eligible to receive paid incentives.

 13. Am I eligible for an employee referral payment if I recommend an intern for hire?

  • At this time, only referrals for full-time management or craft professional positions are eligible to receive paid incentives.

 14. Can I make more than one referral?

  • Yes. An employee may submit multiple referrals and be eligible for multiple incentives.

 15. When are referrals eligible for the $1,000 payment?

  • Referrals submitted on or after January 1, 2023 are eligible for the $1,000 payment. Referrals submitted prior to January 1, 2023 are eligible for $500.

 16. Are executives or Talent Acquisition team members able to make employee referrals?

  • Although executives and Talent Acquisition team members are able and encouraged to make referrals, they are not eligible for the $1,000 payment.

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