Job Offer Process

Congratulations on being extended a job offer! Once the job offer is accepted and your entire online registration is completed, the post-offer process may take up to 14 days or longer. This process includes a medical assessment, a background investigation, and a physical ability test (if applicable).

1. Accessing my online registration:

  • Once you accept your job offer, your online registration is housed in your Employment Hub. Log into your account and navigate to "My Applications". Click on the button Employment Hub. The Employment Hub lists the latest statuses to your post-offer clearances.
  • If your tentative start date is greater than 90 days from today, you will not be able to complete your online registration. We will send you an e-mail once you are within 90 days to go back and complete it.

2. Clearance status in post-offer process:

  • The latest status to your post offer clearances will always be available by logging into your account and clicking on "My Applications". Additional information can be found in your Employment Hub, which lists the latest statuses to each step of the post-offer clearances.

3. My start date:

Train crew candidates

  • Your start date is listed on your training script within your Employment Hub. Plan to show up to class as soon as your status shows Released to Start. Only Released to Start candidates can attend class. If you are not Released to Start by the class start time, do not show up to class as you will be asked to leave.

All other positions

  • Your tentative start date will be listed in your Employment Hub under the “About You” section. Once your status shows Released to Start, your manager or HR Representative will contact you within the next 30 days to determine a firm start date. 

4. Background Policy:

  • Union Pacific has a keen interest in the safety of its employees. The background investigation takes place after you have accepted your job offer and completed the online registration, with employment contingent upon satisfactory results. Falsification of any information provided in the employment application is grounds for immediate dismissal. Review our  policy for additional information.

5. Medical assessment:

  • Union Pacific has a keen interest in the safety of its employees. The pre employment medical assessment includes a health history questionnaire, a drug screen and if applicable, a physical examination, a vision and color vision exam, and a medical determination regarding your ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

6. Physical Ability Test (PAT):

  • The Physical Ability Test assesses a person's ability to safely complete the required physical tasks performed on the job. The test measures a candidate's range of motion and includes components such as pushing, pulling, and lifting various weights to simulate job tasks.
  • To ensure the safety of our candidates during the PAT, resting heart rate and resting blood pressure must be within safe limits set by Union Pacific guidelines. 
  • If you did not qualify on the PAT you must wait six months from the date you took the test to apply for any position that requires the same testing protocol.

7. I-9 Documentation:

  • Once your status shows as Released to Start, reference the first day instructions located in your Employment Hub to learn what to expect on your first day. On your first day of employment with Union Pacific, you are required to bring I-9 documentation that proves your identity and authority to work in the United States. For more information on what qualifies as proper identification, please visit the U S citizenship and immigration services website.

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