Internal Employee Login Help

I went to validate my email, but didn't get one. What do I do now?

Check your junk folder (especially if it was a email address). If it's still not there, you can go back to the signup page, reenter your email, and it should trigger another email to be sent.

Why can't I login to the external site with my TCS ID/password?

Due to siteminder security restrictions, this will never be allowed. You must use your TCS ID on the internal site and your email address on the external site.

How do I know what site I am on?

The external site is, and the internal site is

Can I still login to the internal site from home?

Yep, as long as you use your TCS user ID/password.

I logged in, but the system isn't showing me internal jobs/ the system doesn't recognize that I'm an employee.

Go to the My Account page (from the login dropdown at the top of every page) and then click on the 'I am an Internal Employee' button.

You can also go to the Search Jobs menu and click on the "Show all jobs open for current employees" button in the upper left hand corner. You may be asked to log in with your account to verify your status as a Union Pacific employee.

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