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Centralized operations at Union Pacific Center (UPC) provide overall strategic direction and support to field operations.

Continuous Improvement

Union Pacific is always looking for ways to increase safety, service and efficiency. Continuous Improvement focuses on process enhancements to drive performance and ensure sustainability. Union Pacific will continue to be a leader in the transportation industry by providing methods, tools and processes to standardize work, eliminate variability and waste, and solve problems at their root cause.


With more than 7,700 locomotives and 57,000 rail cars, mechanics at all career levels can find opportunities at Union Pacific’s many shops. Mechanical employees inspect, repair and maintain freight cars and locomotives. By ensuring the equipment is in good working order, Union Pacific can offer safe, reliable transport of customer goods.


The Engineering team is charged with a crucial role – maintaining 32,000 miles of track to keep America moving. Engineering employees inspect, repair and maintain infrastructure such as track, bridges, facilities and signals. Using the latest tools and technology, the Engineering team provides safe and efficient construction for all facets of the railroad.

Transportation-All Regions

Transportation employees are responsible for serving our customers by providing the safe, on-time and on-plan movement of freight trains. From the switchman organizing freight cars in the train yard to the Train Crew’s delivery of goods, Transportation makes up the largest portion of Union Pacific’s workforce. Employees are assigned to specific hubs throughout Union Pacific’s 23-state network that dictate the geographic region of work.


Safety is Union Pacific’s No. 1 priority. Employees strive to conduct all operations in a safe manner, and all employees are responsible for maintaining safe working conditions and preventing personal injuries. The Safety Department provides tools and resources to ensure system wide safety on the job, which includes personal protective equipment, training, alcohol and drug programs, rules for safe operating practices, and safety reporting and compliance. Safety directs internal reporting of personal injuries, highway-rail grade crossing accidents and rail equipment accidents while ensuring safety reporting is in compliance.

Crew Management Services (CMS)

Union Pacific employs more than 37,000 people, skillfully planned and managed by Crew Management Services. CMS provides dynamic and effective manpower planning, accurate and timely crew utilization and industry-leading crew services. The team strives to keep employees satisfied by handling markups, layoffs, seniority moves, board standings, pager response, vacation requests, and the bulletin and assignment center.

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