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Information Technologies

Technology is integral to everything we do at Union Pacific.

IT offers student internships and full-time employment. We have hardware and software opportunities in development, operations, security, telecommunications and systems engineering.

Preferred Background:

  • College graduate with a grade point average of 3.0 or above.
  • Strong communicator who is goal and task-oriented, and enjoys working in a team environment.
  • Students to be working toward degrees in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or other technical areas of study.


Information Technologies provides comprehensive orientation and training solutions for new employees of the IT Department.

A typical new employee training plan includes the following items.

  • UP Business Training
    • New IT employees attend a five-day class over a 3-week period. The training introduces the new employees to the areas of the IT Department and its business processes, as well as several of the UP business departments. These classes are taught by UP subject matter experts. New employees network with their customers and co-workers. This fast-paced program prepares employees for their IT career at Union Pacific.
  • Technology Training
    • To encourage innovative technology solutions, an intensive technical training program and wide selection of elective courses are available. Instructor led training, online learning and online books are also available to help new employees get started in their area of responsibility and exisiting employees to continue to build their technical knowledge.

Potential Career Path:

The IT Department is committed to developing an environment where our employees can succeed and grow. Our Career Path Process offers flexibility in shaping your career and provides options that best match your strengths and our business needs. Based on your goals, experience, and education, you will be able to progress through a management, technical or consulting career path.

In general, entry-level employees start out in the technical career path. Experienced hires are placed into one of the following career paths based upon his/her position responsibilities:

  1. The Technical Career Path is for people interested in individual contributor roles, who want to work with other team members to ensure a project's success. The main elements of the technical path include:
    • no direct reports
    • heavy technical skills
    • heavy team work
    • heavy client/customer contact
    • heavy daily planning and execution
  2. The Consulting Career Path is geared towards the individual contributor who wants to share responsibility for success with team members. The main elements of this path include:
    • no direct reports
    • heavy client/customer contact
    • heavy business knowledge
    • heavy integration skills
    • heavy design knowledge
    • technical knowledge
    • teamwork
  3. The Management Career Path emphasizes human resource management and system management skills. The main elements of this path include:
    • direct reports/acting as a resource to teams
    • strong people management skills
    • performance management/coaching/career planning/recognition
    • team and job design
    • client/customer contact
    • technical knowledge
    • business knowledge
    • staffing and selection
    • teamwork

IT Career Path

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