Wellness Programs


Union Pacific understands that every step taken on the path of wellness leads to a richer, fuller life. That’s why the company fully supports and encourages employees and their families to take charge of their health and well-being. The company’s wellness programs are designed to promote healthy behaviors to help manage, reduce, and eliminate risk factors and chronic health conditions. Union Pacific’s wellness programs are recognized nationally, with the goal of making it one of the healthiest employers in the nation.

Wellness Assessment/Live More Portal

Union Pacific’s Wellness Assessment is a voluntary, confidential, free online tool from WebMD that is designed to help employees better understand the key factors that affect overall well-being. It provides access to a wellness portal where a wellness plan for achieving and tracking goals based upon assessment results can be created.

Health Coach

Eligible employees and nonagreement spouses who want to improve their health through lifestyle changes may participate in a free health coaching counseling program via confidential online instant messaging, email or phone. Participants are paired with a WebMD health coach who helps them set and achieve goals for a healthy lifestyle.

System Health Facility Program (SHF)

Union Pacific is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for active employees by providing a System Health Facility Program (SHF) involving local fitness centers and gyms. Union Pacific contracts with over 5,000 fitness centers nationwide in addition to the gym available at the Union Pacific Center. Fitness centers and gyms are chosen because of close proximity to work locations where there are critical masses of employees and in areas where it is practical and economically feasible to serve the greatest number of employees and are available at no charge to employees..