Transportation Spending Account (TSA), Parking


Union Pacific offers a Transportation Spending Account (TSA) through WageWorks™ that provides a tax advantage to employees. This program allows pre-tax dollars, up to certain limits, to be set aside from your paycheck to pay for work related parking and transit expenses that are not otherwise reimbursed to you.

Examples of eligible expenses may include parking garage fees, meter fees, bus passes and rail transit expenses. Federal law also permits employers to reimburse employees who regularly use a bicycle to commute to and from work for certain bicycle related expenses.

Parking Expenses

Union Pacific employees are responsible for setting up their own parking. The first month's parking fee is typically made by the employee directly to the garage or lot management company and not eligible to be reimbursed through the TSA. Parking fees incurred after the employee has elected to use the TSA are eligible expenses. Employees may elect to have WageWorks™ pay the garage or lot management company on their behalf or elect to be reimbursed by WageWorks™ after paying the fees out-of-pocket.

Transit Expenses

If you ride public transportation to work, you can simply tell WageWorks™ which commuter pass you want to buy and they will deliver it to your home each month.

Bicycle Commuter Benefit

Union Pacific is proud to support employees in their efforts to be green and incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. The company has adopted the Bicycle Commuter Benefit program where employees may be eligible to be reimbursed on a tax-free basis up to $20 per qualified month for certain bicycle expenses. For more information on this benefit, visit the Employee website.