Life and Family


Union Pacific understands that work life and personal life are interconnected. Therefore, a wide range of programs are offered to help employees achieve work-life balance. The goal is to help employees live well, work well and be well.

Adoption Assistance

The Adoption Assistance Program is intended to reimburse eligible employees for certain expenses incurred in the adoption of a child (up to maximum of $3,000 per adoption).

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

While people usually can manage personal problems on their own, occasional help from a skilled professional can provide focus, direction and support. Union Pacific's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to provide that help. The EAP provides short-term counseling, guidance and referral services for employees and their families who are experiencing personal or work-related problems. Union Pacific’s EAP offers five free visits with a licensed professional.

Long-Term Care

The Group Long-term Care Coverage program (Long-Term Care) is administered through CNA Insurance and is designed specifically to cover the costs associated with extended long-term care. It covers a variety of services for people who are unable to care for themselves ranging from assistance with day-to-day activities in the home or special attention in a nursing home. By paying premiums during working years, employees receive a source of financial protection to help offset potentially significant long-term care expenses in the future. New employees are guaranteed coverage if they enroll within 31 days of their hire date and are actively at work on the date coverage becomes effective. Coverage is available to spouses, parents and parents-in-law of employees.