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Assistant Signal Person

assistant signal person

In this entry-level position, you will keep our trains moving safely and smoothly. You will help install, repair and maintain various railroad signals and grade-crossing protection equipment. You will load and unload supplies and heavy equipment from trucks; operate backhoes; dig holes and trenches for cable; paint signal equipment; climb and troubleshoot signal structures; handle cable; and make electrical connections.


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must speak and read English because you will be asked to follow government regulations and instructions.
  • You must have the stamina for heavy, physical labor and be able to discriminate between colors.
  • You must pass a Skilled-Craft Battery exam (see sample) to be considered for an interview.


Bailey Yard (North Platte, NE)

Hinkle Locomotive Facility (Hinkle, OR)

Davis Yard (Roseville, CA)

Jenks Shop (North Little Rock, AR)


As a newly hired Assistant Signal Person, you can expect to earn about $19.00 an hour, with actual pay depending on location and Union-negotiated agreements.


During your first two years of service as an Assistant Signal Person, you must complete eight weeks of formal training. You will also receive on-the-job training during that time to learn how to safely operate various signal systems.

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