The Workplace Practices Test assesses your attitudes about work practices and how you would act in certain situations. You are asked to answer test items in a way that best describes your own experiences, judgments, and opinions.

More than one answer may seem appropriate for some test items. In these instances you should choose the answer that most accurately reflects your opinion.

Below are examples of items that are presented during the Workplace Practices Test.


Instructions: For these items, you are asked to read each statement, then decide whether you agree or disagree with what it says, and select your answer. Here is an example of the first type of question.

I'm flexible and open to change.

  • Strongly Agree
  • Somewhat Agree
  • Somewhat Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree


Instructions: Read the item and choose the one answer that most accurately reflects your opinion.

How would you describe your attitude towards safety rules on the job?

  • Some safety rules actually slow work down
  • Some are more important than others
  • If you are careful, you will never need them
  • I am glad that companies insist on them
  • A lot of safety rules could be eliminated

If you feel that some safety rules are more important than others, you would select 'Some are more important than others'.

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