Text Length/Special character Help

I know I have less than the specified number of characters, but your system is still giving me an error... Whats going on?

This is a bit of a technical answer, but essentially, the special characters that you have included in your text are causing an issue. See, heres the thing.. many word processors (like Microsoft Word) use fancy, non-standard characters to make things look nice on screen. So when you check the character length in a word processor, it typically either omits those special characters, or counts them as '1'. But when we try to save them, it takes up more room than 1 character typically does, which is where the error comes from (especially if you are close to the max character limit). So, if you want to include a few special characters, you can try to decrease the length of the text that you have in there drastically (by at least 10%) and see if it will save with the special characters. But if that doesn't work, you should just try to remove them completely.